The High Court is composed of a Chief Justice and not less than twenty Justices. The jurisdiction of the Court involves hearing all civil or criminal matters. It has the constitutional right to hear appeals from the District Court as well as criminal appeals that may come from the Circuit Court. More so, based on the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedom spelt out in the 1992 Constitution of the country, the Court has the exclusive jurisdiction to enforce them. Thus, it plays a supervisory jurisdiction over all the lower courts and other inferior judicial bodies that are based in the country.

Names of High Courts in Ghana

To help promote specialisation, the High Court has a number of divisions. The essence of these divisions is to help members of the public to determine where exactly to go based on their issues of concern. At the moment, there are many High Courts that operate in various locations in Ghana. The names of these High Courts are listed below:

  1. Fast Track
  2. Court Commercial
  3. Court Labour
  4. Court Human Rights
  5. Court Land
  6. Court Economic and Financial Crimes
  7. Court Family Court Probate and Administration


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